RisoLab Assignment 01
For my RisoLab Assignment 01, I wanted to explore the possibilities of printing in Risography. The assignment brief called for creating a basic zine from a single sheet of paper that can be turned into a multipage zine when cut. I took this challenge as an opportunity to experiment with different Riso inks, colors, and paper finishes, while pushing the boundaries of what can be done with this type of mini zine printing.
As a first-time user of the Risography printing machine, I began by experimenting with four different Riso inks and colors to create a gradient effect that showcased the unique capabilities of Risography printing. I opted for a light-weight, high-quality bright white vellum paper from Finch with a subtle texture that allowed the ink to saturate the surface and create an interesting interplay of colors and textures.
To let the gradient combinations live as geometric print elements, I kept the layout simple and free of typography or images. The zine's sections were color-blocked and featured two gradient layers that interacted with one another when folded and cut.
The mini-zine:
What sets this zine apart is its focus on experimentation and exploration of Risography printing. By pushing the boundaries of what can be done with a mini zine, I was able to create a unique object that showcased the potential of this printing technique. The zine can be reproduced with different ink colors and paper finishes, resulting in a different outcome every time.

Production Process:
After printing, I cut each sheet of 11" x 17" paper by hand using a ruler and a blade. The precision and care needed for this step was challenging, but ultimately rewarding. Once each page was cut to size, I folded each zine using a bone folder to ensure crisp edges. This hand-crafting process allowed me to engage with the physicality of the zine, and gave each one a unique touch. I appreciated the opportunity to slow down and focus on the creation of each individual zine.
This project allowed me to learn more about the Risography printing process, troubleshoot problems like paper misfeed and master making, and produce a tangible object that lives in the real world. I'm excited to continue exploring the possibilities of Risography printing and using it as a tool for creating unique and visually interesting projects.
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