Adrian is Hungry is Adrian Patiño
I am a graphic designer with over a decade of experience in print production and design. I have worked as a studio artist in different advertising agencies, helping with top-tier projects providing solutions for productions and creative development.
I've been Brooklyn based for the past 7 years, where I am also part of a vibrant musical and art scene. I am part of Barrio Collective, a group of artists who organize events featuring local talent. We open up spaces to the creative community in our Barrios. From Psychedelic Disco Cumbia record release parties on Halloween to artist market places in local bars featuring flash tattoos and vinyl DJs.
With Kuzumbo records I mix my passion for design and music, creating Tropical music inspired apparel and goods, and a platform for the artists of future-nostalgia tunes.
In 2019, I started Barrio Print along with my partner, we have worked with bands, restaurants, artists, helping them bring their ideas to reality.

Photo by Ciro Medina

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