Designing the monthly flyers for the Deja Vu party has become a highlight of my work as a whole. Each month, I'm given the freedom to try different things and push my creativity to the limit. My designs are always centered around the idea of a lively and energetic party, with bold typography and playful illustrations of happy beings dancing and having a great time.
The party itself is always a blast, featuring some of the best local talents and drawing a diverse crowd of music lovers and party-goers. From high-energy live instrument jamming to some of the best upcoming DJs as well as staples of the NYC party scene. The music is always on point and guaranteed to keep the party going until the late hours of the night.
It's always a joy for me to see my designs come to life and be a part of the party's success. It's an opportunity for me to combine my passion for music and design and create something truly unique and special. And with each month bringing new challenges and opportunities, I can't wait to see where my designs and the Deja Vu party take me next.
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